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Main Lines Networks

The SNCF operates the mainline rail services in France via different brands.

TGVVisiter le site www.tgv.com36 35 (0,34 €/mn)TGV ensure service for 275 towns using both high speed network (2 000 km in France) and classical network.
EurostarVisiter le site 70 70 60 88High speed network with England, using the Channel tunnel.
ThalysVisiter le site 25 84 25 97 (0,15 €/min)High speed network with Belgium, Nederland and Germany.
ICEVisiter le site 35 (0,34 €/mn)High speed network with Germany.
LyriaVisiter le site 35 (0,34 €/mn)High speed network with Switzerland.
TGV France-ItalieVisiter le site 35 (0,34 €/mn)High speed network with Italy.
IntercitésVisiter le site 35 (0,34 €/mn)Connections broad outline intercities (out of TGV).
iDbusVisiter le site www.idbus.fr0892 68 00 68 (0,34€/min) -