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Ticket reservations, purchases and collection

In order to get the best conditions, especially for departures during rush hour, it is advisable to reserve your tickets in advance.

They can be reserved in advance and are valid for two months. For journeys planned more than two months in advance, special passes can be collected from a sales point.

Reservations are compulsory for the TGV (high speed train), the Corail Téoz, the national night Corail and for some zones or the use of some services (JVS service, family compartment, car/train service, sleeping car, groups...).

Order a ticket:

Tickets where supporting documents have to be shown such as Congé Annuel (annual holidays), JVS (young traveller service)…, can not be purchased remotely.

Payment and collection of tickets ordered remotely:

There are two options when placing an order:

Tickets can be collected from any station, automatic ticket machine or SNCF store before the deadline using the file reference number provided when the reservation was made.


Assistance staff are available for travellers in every station at train arrivals and departures.

All trains operating on the French rail network are non-smoking.

Ticket conditions of use:

Tickets must be date-stamped using the automatic machines. The journey made must be the same as the journey shown on the ticket and it must be completed no later than midnight on the day following the date-stamping of the ticket.

Reduced price tickets must be presented for inspection with the supporting documents / proof (reduction card, identity document with photo, etc...).

Once on the train, if the traveller does not have a ticket that meets the above conditions, they should voluntarily contact the ticket inspector before ticket inspection starts. This allows them to benefit from an on-board price to put their ticket in order.

If they do not present themselves to the ticket inspector, they will be penalised by also having to pay a fine.

Ticket exchanges and refunds


The following tickets cannot be changed: Prem’s, Offres de Dernière Minute (Last Minute Offers), Billet imprimé®, Forfait TGV de nuit (fixed price night high speed train) and some international tickets

Conditions that apply from the date of purchase to the end of the period of use shown on the ticket.

Where can I exchange?


If the journey is cancelled:

The ticket must not have been date-stamped and its tax inclusive cost must be greater than 4.50 €:

After the train has left and for up to 60 days after the reservation date, the ticket will be refunded at 50% of its initial price.

Some tickets are subject to special conditions: further information is available at SNCF sales points.

Lost or stolen tickets are neither refunded nor re-issued.

Where can I get a refund?

If there is a dispute:

If you have comments about how a journey went, send a letter to the SNCF customer service for the region (list available on accompanied by bank account details if a refund is requested.

The SNCF also has the services of an Mediator, Mr. Bertrand Labrusse, who is responsible for evaluating all disputes arising from a journey and who's services can be called upon via an approved national consumers association after the client has written to the SNCF customer service.

Ticket prices

Calculate the full fare ticket price:

Price supplements:

A supplement has to be paid when additional services are reserved such as:

Calculate the reduced fare ticket price (excluding any supplements):

For the TGV (high speed train) (except night TGV), reductions are calculated on the whole of the full fare. On other Grandes Lignes (Long Distance) trains and the TER, reductions are based on the full fare price. For social reductions (Famille nombreuse -large families, Congé Annuel - annual holidays), the price of a 1st or 2nd class ticket is always calculated on the basis of the full 2nd class fare.

For travelling from time to time: DÉCOUVERTE (DISCOVERY) PRICES (to make a reservation)
Découverte (Discovery) Eligibility Conditions Applicable discounts
Découverte Enfant + 1 child under 12 years old with from 1 to a maximum of 4 people. 25%
Découverte 12-25 From at least 18 to 28 years old 25%
Découverte Senior From 60 years old 25%
Découverte Séjour Minimum return trip of 200 km including Saturday night 25%
For travelling often: LA CARTE (unlimited number of journeys during 1 year)
Commercial cards Price Eligibility Conditions Applicable discounts Web
Carte Enfant + 75 € 1 child under 12 years old with from 1 to a maximum of 4 people. 50% / 25%
CJeune 18-27 50 € From at least 18 to 28 years old 60% / 25%
Carte Week-End 75 € from 26 to 59 years old. Minimum return trip of 200 km with Saturday night spent at destination. 50% / 25%
Carte Senior + 65 € From 60 years old 50% / 25%
For travelling frequently: SEASON TICKETS
Season tickets Validity Conditions (Fares / Reductions)
Fréquence (Freequency) season ticket 3, 6, or 12 month voucher. 50% discount
Forfait (fixed price) season ticket Weekly/monthly fixed rate 1.50 € per seated place reservation.
Pupils/Students/Apprentices season ticket Weekly/monthly voucher 1.50 € per seated place reservation.
Work season ticket Weekly/monthly voucher for employees. Free travel up to a maximum of 75 km.
Pass’ Entreprise 1 year 150 € for 10 cards + 50 € per batch of 10 additional cards. Discount : 5%
Regional season ticket Weekly/monthly voucher Journey to work longer than 75 km
Anticipate your journey in advance
Ticket Conditions of use Applicable discounts
Prem’s Ticket purchased 3 months and 14 days in advance / only in 2nd class. SNCF conditions depending on the ticket reserved.
Go at the last minute
Ticket Conditions of use Applicable discounts
Last minute offer Ticket purchased on in the week prior to departure for 50 destinations that are updated every Tuesday. 50%
Social discounts
Transport ticket Conditions of use Applicable discounts
Famille nombreuse (large family) card Minimum of 3 children under 18 years old Price 16 €, from 30 to 75% (depending on the number of minors)
Congé Annuel (annual holiday) ticket Employees, retired people, pensioners, registered unemployed 25% / 50% if half the fare is paid by Chèques Vacances (holiday vouchers)
Travel as a group
Group fares Conditions of use Applicable discounts
Group 10 to 99 people 30%
Group of young people 10 to 99 young people from 4 to 25 years old + supervisors. Must be return ticket. up to 50%
Children's outing 10 to 99 young people under 15 years old + supervisors. Return ticket in less than 72 hours up to 75%
Special fares
Transport ticket Eligibility Conditions Applicable discounts
Billet Congrès Visit a congress or trade fair (ticket supplied by the organiser) 20% (only valid for a 15 day period that includes the day of the event)
Offre Bambin Infant under 4 years old Free without reserved seat, 8.20 € with reserved seat (single journey) with and adult or a child from 4 to 12 years old. International routes excluded.

A la carte service


The luggage at home service

This service is provided by SERNAM on behalf of the SNCF and must be reserved at the same time as the train ticket by telephone on 36 35 (0.34 € per minute), paying by credit card, or at SNCF ticket counters or stores.

Three ordinary bags (weighing less than 30 kg) and one large bag (if wrapped, up to a maximum of 60 kg) are accepted per passenger.

Travel with your luggage:

In the station:

In the train:


Car or motorbike carriage:

The Auto/Train (car/train) service offers travellers who want to transport their vehicle with several day and night travel options in a train of their choice (information: Auto/Train (car/train) Direct Line on 36 35 (0.34 € per minute).

Car hire:

To save time, you can reserve a hire care at the same time as you reserve your train ticket (station ticket counters, SNCF stores, authorised travel agents, or Direct Line 36 35 (0.34 € per minute). You can benefit from reductions in AVIS rental charges via the SNCF in nearly 200 stations.

On-board services:


Mobile telephone operators ensure that the <acronym title="Société Nationale des Chemins de fer Français">SNCF</acronym> network is covered so you can communicate during most of your journey.

Please respect the peace of other passengers and lower the volume of your ringtone and use the areas at the ends of every carriage for your conversations.


Most Grandes Lignes (Long Distance) trains have a non-smoking bar-carriage or a restaurant service.

In some Grandes Lignes (Long Distance) trains and all Service-Nuit (Night Service) trains, automatic hot and cold drink and snack dispensers are available for passengers.

Night trains:


On some routes, 1st class passengers can nor reserve a taxi for when they arrive at the station.

Other services:

The Grand Voyageur (Great Traveller) map:

It allows passengers who use the train regularly, at least two return journeys per month, to:

To obtain this card which is valid for 3 years, an application should be collected from stations, SNCF stores or authorised travel agencies. The card fee is 30 €.

more info

The Jeune Voyageur Service (JVS - young traveller service):

Unaccompanied children are looked after from their departure station to their destination station during school holidays by a qualified supervisor. Must be reserved in advance when reserving a 2nd class ticket at a cost of 39 €.

Family zone:

In the TGV (high speed train):

In the Corail and TER:

Disabled travellers

SNCF Accessibility service 0800 15 47 53 (Freephone)

You can obtain the Mémento du Voyageur Handicapé from the following address or station ticket counters.

Mission Voyageurs Handicapés SNCF, 209/211, rue de Bercy, 75585 Paris Cedex 12, France

(Also available in Braille and large font versions).

Train + bicycle:

On the Grandes Lignes (Long Distance), bicycles are carried free of charge if the train has a bicycle zone or a luggage car (tandems are accepted) or if the bicycle can be dis-assembled and stored in a bag.

A reservation fee of 10 € may have to paid for some TGV (high speed train) that have a specific zone for this purpose that can contain up to 4 bicycles (tandems are not accepted).

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Single TGV (high speed train)-AIR ticket:

The SNCF in combination with several airlines allows passengers to combine their flight and their TGV (high speed train) journey (reservation at the " TGV’AIR " counter in larger SNCF stations).

Train+Hotel Service:

The SNCF in combination with ACCOR offers passengers preferential prices on the cost of room reservations in over 1,300 hotels in 250 different European and French destinations.

Travelling with pets:

Radiolignes - TGV (high speed train) traffic news by telephone:

For full traffic information on Grandes Lignes (Long Distance) trains, call 36 35 (0.34 € per minute) 7j/7 from 06h30 to 22 h00